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Part 3 - Albert Anastasia Escaped the Electric Chair to Die in a Barber Chair - Part 3

Albert Anastasia Escaped the Electric Chair to Die in a Barber Chair - Part 3 True Crime | True Crime Podcasts on YouTube | True Crime Documentary **Before watching this episode, watch:

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Albert Anastasia (born “Anastasio,” the masculine form of the Italian name) was a mobster who came out of the tough streets of Lower Manhattan to run one of the Five Families of La Cosa Nostra through the first half of the 20th century. Along the way, he built a reputation as one of the Mob’s most feared killers. Anastasia was reportedly a member of Murder Incorporated, the kill-for-hire crew that worked for Charlie “Lucky” Luciano and others in the years of Prohibition. Anastasia was, according to reports, one of the four men in 1931 who assassinated Giuseppe “Joe the Boss” Masseria, a powerful Mob boss, in the bloody gang rivalry known as the Castellammarese War. Anastasia was charged in three murders – in 1928, 1932 and 1933 – but in each case, witnesses either disappeared or refused to testify. Two other high-level Mob informants, both under police custody, died before their testimony helped bring Anastasia to trial, in 1941 and 1942. During World War II, Anastasia joined the U.S. Army. He also reportedly helped engineer the deal that eventually allowed Luciano, then ostensibly serving a life sentence for multiple prostitution-related convictions, to get out of prison (and go into exile in Italy) in exchange for keeping the New York City docks free of wartime Nazi infiltration. Anastasia worked for the Army training longshoremen on the East Coast. In 1943, he received U.S. citizenship for his military service, and he was honorably discharged from the Army in 1944. Eventually, Gambino moved against his sometime family boss. Anastasia was gunned down while he was sitting in a barber chair in Manhattan. Gambino assumed the family leadership, which would eventually become known as the Gambino crime family.



00:00 – Intro

04:45 – Recap from Part 2

05:13 – Gambino Family History

15:55 – Joseph Valachi

21:34 – Arnold Schuster & Willie Sutton

26:48 – Reorganization of the mafia families

31:28 – Henry Gross

35:46 – Articles devoted to Anastasia

37:24 – The Death of Albert Anastasia

42:44 – Sam DeCavalcante’s take

44:43 – Tough Tony

45:16 – Salvatore Anastasio

50:52 – Anthony Anastasia’s family’s life

52:51 – Anthony Anastasio, the rat?

56:02 – Albert Anastasia’s family’s life

57:52 - FINALLY, the END!


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